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Sweet Potato Tomato Olive Rolls [2]


preheat the oven to 200° in hot air setting. Bake the roll (s) for 25 minutes on a mat or baking paper.

sweet potato, black olives, lemon, kidney beans, onion, spices (paprika, pepper, salt, cumin), lemon, concentrated tomato paste, garlic, olive oil, puff pastry (WHEAT flour, soy butter: vegetable oils and fats (soy (53.5 %); palm; linseed; in varying proportions); water; emulsifier (E472c; lecithins); salt (0.5%); dextrose; dehulled soybeans (0.3%); preservative (E202); acidity (citric acid); natural aroma; vitamins (vitamin A; vitamin D2), water, salt)

Lactose and nut free, contains gluten
Suitable for vegans
Vacuum packed, can be kept for one year after preparation

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