Restaurant for rent in Ghent

Do want to open your own restaurant and are you looking for a location for rent in Ghent? Then your search stops at What The Food. We have a pop-up space for rent in a beautiful house in the south of Ghent, which can easily serve as a restaurant. Read on and you will find out why this space is the ideal location for your restaurant.

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Restaurant in a beautiful house available for rent in Ghent

The space that we have available for rent has many reasons as to why it is perfect as a restaurant. The first reason is its location (Gent-Zuid). The room is at the front of a beautiful house which was built in the 17th century, and which is located in the busiest and most flourishing part of Ghent. Each day many people pass by, which means you would have may potential customers. If you’re looking for a restaurant for rent in Ghent, you also need a kitchen. In the same house, we also have a newly renovated, fully equipped kitchen for rent, so you can cook delicious meals for your customers. The room can also be rented for other pop-ups.

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Are you interested in our restaurant for rent in the heart of Ghent? Or do you want to see our beautiful location with your own eyes? You can make an appointment by calling us on +32 (0) 476 52 36 84 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. Our service has more to offer than renting a room. What The Food is also a vegan and vegetarian food caterer, which you can hire for all kinds of events!